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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Rafflesia Week

Suddenly I feel that I must grab this opportunity. A friend in a whatapp group post a picture with a caption about rafflesia blooming just near a corner of my town.

I made some call and manage to get En Mat Bakri who are the owner of a land which this rare flower bloom. He is better know by his nickname “Mat Jepun”.

I reach River Side Café Kampung Sempeneh, Batu Kurau 15 minute early, just enough for me to have a quick breakfast. Mat Jepun arrive just as schedule and he suggest a better and faster route. Now who am I to disagree with a local guide?

Up and down hill, few river to cross and we reach the location 20 minite later.

I did not smell any indication that the flower just next to me until Mat Jepun pointed to it. What I had read so much about, it is so much different than what I feel and saw.

Seeing to believe, the whole perception on rafflesia which I had read from books and google are not the same as it in real life.

Never the less, it good to be here. I spend about ½ an hour and Mat Jepun give me a free tour of his orchard. Yes it on a high hill and a very nice view indeed with a waterfall in sight.

On my way back, I took a detour to Kelawar Cave for a unfinished business. (UiTM Arau interpretation) sini

Well, lucky I’m to be so free on the day rafflesia bloom and stay bloom for another week, and guys, the next bloom expected to be in Jun 2016.


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